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If jewelry can be said to make a statement, a linked piece speaks from the heart. Each piece of linked jewelry is enhanced by a personal sentiment, celebrating the precious connections that give depth and meaning to our lives. These sentiments tug at the heartstrings. Every person can relate to think outside the box, change is good, and you can’t measure love.

When creator Debra Feldman’s husband lost a difficult struggle with illness, she was left with two young children. It was this experience with love and loss that taught her that relationships are the cornerstone of life. With this renewed perspective, Debra felt passionate about sharing these important reminders about what truly matters most. She joined with close friend Sharon Rome Reisner to create a line of simple, yet elegant fine jewelry pieces that are made even more distinctive by the eloquent sentiments linked to them.

There is always a reason behind the jewelry people wear. It can be a memory, a friendship token, a symbol of love… what’s your reason?

This beautiful collection is available at Walter Bauman’s of West Orange.

Learn more about the collection on our Designer page: http://www.walterbauman.com/designers/linked-jewelry.html

See all the jewelry available from this collection on linked jewelry's official website: www.linkedjewelry.com

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